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Press Release: fusefabric launches stock sync Shopify App for merchants operating multiple stores

September 2022

Stock Connect Shopify App - Automatically connect and sync inventory across multiple Shopify stores, brought to you by the creators of the leading Warehouse Management System integration Shopify App – WMS Connect.

Shopify merchants with multiple Shopify stores have a challenge to keep inventory levels synchronised between their stores and locations leading to overselling and ultimately disappointing their customers and potentially damaging their brand.

Stock Connect solves the issues of synchronising inventory between two or more stores and locations with real-time multi-directional inventory syncing. Not only can Stock Connect sync between stores but Merchants can integrate it with an external system such as their Warehouse Management System (WMS) or ERP to provide inventory level updates across all their Shopify stores. 

Stock Connect is suitable for merchants who’re running multiple stores, brands or internal Shopify accounts and trying to synchronise inventory levels across multiple stores and locations to prevent overselling on another store.

In real-time, Stock Connect automatically syncs inventory levels between two or more connected Shopify stores and locations, so merchants only sell what is in stock and avoid upsetting their customers and damaging their brands. 

fusefabric’s Stock Connect App can handle inventory across multiple stores and multiple locations, taking care of the most complex merchant setups. 

Changes to inventory levels are synchronised in real-time after any inventory has been changed in a connected store e.g. manual inventory change, order created, order updated, order cancelled, returned order etc.

It doesn’t matter which store the change originates from, the inventory change is synced to all other connected stores in real-time giving the merchant that piece of mind they won’t oversell and upset their customers.

For larger and more complex enterprise merchants, inventory levels can be updated via the Stock Connect API. Typically, inventory levels are mastered in a Warehouse Management System (WMS) or ERP, these values can be submitted via the Stock Connect API and automatically update all the connected stores with either absolute or delta values. 

Designed with scalability at the core, Stock Connect is hosted in cloud-based infrastructure giving it the ability to scale almost infinitely to handle the highest of loads from connected stores. Performance was also a key consideration when designing the App and this give Stock Connect the ability to synchronise in real-time between stores.

“Overselling and disappointing your customer is the no.1 cardinal sin in the world of e-commerce. Customers today have higher expectations than ever so overpromising and under delivering is not an option for the modern-day brand as the customer who you’ve fought so hard to get will never come back and that’s why we launched Stock Connect to address this issue.” said Simon Hamblin, co-founder of fusefabric. 

“Stock Connect is suitable for all merchants operating multiple Shopify stores and can be used by smaller retailers through to Shopify Plus merchants will complex setups, we’re confident our Stock Connect App can handle all of the scenarios.”

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