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Shopify app: WMS Connect

Take your operations to the next level, with automated syncing of data between your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Shopify store. Including sales, despatch, inventory, product and returns data.

Quick and easy integration

Developed in collaboration with WMS providers and fulfilment partners such as Descartes Peoplevox and SEKO, WMS Connect is the only app of its kind. By integrating your systems in just a few clicks, it saves you the time and expense of a multi-week integration project with a third-party provider.

Simple drop-down menus and settings let you easily configure the integration to meet your needs – from mapping carriers to refreshing product information.

Built to perform

Secure, stable and scalable, WMS Connect lets you grow your operations with total confidence in your e-commerce platform. The app is designed to keep pace with your business – it automatically scales with your volumes, while also providing a dedicated integration platform that means performance is unaffected by other users.

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