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Press Release: fusefabric introduces SEKO Shopify App integration

July 2022

The Shopify App that lets merchants integrate with SEKO’s warehouse management system (WMS) instantly – the only app offering one-click integration of SEKO’s WMS and Shopify.

Integrating SEKO with Shopify is a challenge for merchants. It usually requires an integration partner, valuable resources, and a lot of work to connect the systems. And it’s not only these costs. Integrating the systems can be risky, complex, and may bring delays.

The purpose of WMS Connect is to make connecting these systems a straightforward process. By developing it alongside Shopify and SEKO, its design addresses most of the typical use cases, allowing rapid implementation for merchants with installation and configuration in just one click.

Installing fusefabric’s WMS Connect App on a Shopify store is fast and simple for merchants – a no-code, instant integration between SEKO’s WMS and Shopify. It makes lengthy, costly integration projects a thing of the past.

The WMS Connect App allows instant integration between Shopify and SEKO of inventory, despatches, sales orders, product and price information, and returns. The abundance of configurations within WMS Connect saves merchants the time and expense of a third-party warehouse management integration. Instead they can simply configure their Shopify WMS integration independently, with no need for an external partner.

It takes valuable time to run a warehouse management implementation. It’s also complex, and system integrations usually call for a specialist provider. WMS Connect addresses the needs of merchants who want to accelerate their WMS implementation project, reduce the cost, and direct the WMS integration without needing an integration partner. 

Merchants get a secure, dedicated cloud-based environment when they install WMS Connect via the Shopify App Store. Since this environment is for them only, merchants are able to bypass the issue of volume surges associated with ‘noisy neighbours’. The dedicated cloud environment also scales, allowing it to seamlessly handle fluctuations in merchants’ own trading activities.

Drop-down menus and settings let merchants configure their warehouse management integration from inside their Shopify store. Through this, the WMS Connect App lets them not only choose which integrations to connect but also the way in which the integrations will work.

Syncing of new and updated products is among the included integration options between SEKO’s WMS and the merchant’s Shopify store. This means that – when picking or despatching – merchants can view the SKU details within SEKO’s WMS. 

With real-time syncing of SEKO and Shopify, WMS Connect lets merchants set rules for carrier allocation and automatic gift card removal. They can also specify other SKUs they don’t want to transfer to SEKO’s WMS.  When a return is entered in SEKO, Shopify will automatically process the associated refund.

Following the despatch of an order in SEKO, the merchant’s Shopify store will automatically update the despatch and tracking details. The merchant can also control key business rules. For example, whether they permit multi shipments and whether there are SKUs – such as gift receipts – that must be fulfilled automatically. Since WMS Connect incorporates Shopify Payment’s two methodologies (capture payment at checkout and capture payment on fulfilment), the correct payment is always recorded at the correct time.

When inventory is added, picked and restocked in SEKO’s WMS, inventory/stock information is updated in Shopify. Products can be sold as soon as they are in stock, with no risk of under or over-selling, thanks to this consistent syncing of data.

“We’ve completed many Shopify integrations, which revealed what merchants needed: a quicker, more cost-effective way of integrating their warehouse management system with their Shopify store. We developed WMS Connect to meet that need.” said Simon Hamblin, co-founder of fusefabric.

“The e-commerce industry is moving faster than ever and trading conditions are increasingly tough. So merchants want to put more focus on customers and business, leaving less time and budget for integration implementation projects. Our WMS Connect App is available to all Shopify and SEKO customers through the Shopify App store, offering an instant, cost-effective and flexible solution. This lets merchants meet their business process requirements when they integrate SEKO’s WMS with their Shopify store”.

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