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Case Study: fusefabric replatforms Missoma onto Shopify Plus in just eight days

March 2020

fusefabric replatforms Missoma onto Shopify Plus in just eight days, accelerating their business and technical strategy at the same time. 

With peak trade period looming and rapidly outgrowing their platform, Missoma engaged fusefabric to lead their business and technical transformation to migrate them onto a Shopify Plus store within just eight days from idea to go-live. 

The technical transformation was so successful, it was featured by Shopify as a case study representing a rapid and cost-effective example of replatforming to Shopify.

Ever since 2015, Missoma had been experiencing considerable growth in both the UK and international markets. Missoma’s team realized it needed to ensure their platform would keep up with the impending peak trade period and beyond. 

With a technology team of just three people managing their custom ecommerce platform, Missoma engaged fusefabric to devise their technical strategy to support their long-term ambitious international business goals. fusefabric worked closely with Missoma to understand their challenges and aspirations and successfully got the business behind a carefully curated technical strategy and delivery programme to support the business and technical transformation. 

However, that was before the exceptional demand of Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2019. 

An unparalleled demand and a rush of BFCM traffic pushed Missoma’s custom platform to its limit. To keep up with the anticipated peak trade traffic over the Christmas period, Missoma need to make a change and make it fast – fusefabric stepped up to the mark!

fusefabric are used to working closely with businesses to achieve their transformation goals and this time there was no exception. To achieve the business and technical transformation onto the Shopify Plus platform in the extremely short timescales fusefabric had to get the business on board with the challenge ahead. 

“We had everybody in the company bought into the migration to Shopify Plus. It's amazing what you can do when you have the whole team going in the same direction for the same purpose.” said Simon Hamblin, co-founder of fusefabric. 

Building on the ecommerce technical strategy that we at fusefabric had put together, we quickly put together a business transformation programme to migrate Missoma onto Shopify Plus. Over the next eight, we performed key data migrations, implemented Missoma’s style guide, trained the team on all operational processes from uploading content to managing orders supported with all store setup tasks to get the store ready for its grand opening. 

In addition to this we used some of our pre-built connectors along with developing some custom integrations to ensure the key business processes were implemented by connecting Shopify with their Warehouse Management System (WMS) and ERP system. 

The result – just eight days later we had migrated Missoma from their custom platform to Shopify and they traded their way through their peak season with zero operational issues and zero worries all the while saving over 60% on their infrastructure costs.

“We worked together as a team on the migration. Everyone had a role to play.” said Marisa Hordern, Founder and CEO of Missoma.

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